Baby Photography with a difference

Congratulations on your new baby!

Baby photography, especially newborn sessions, require just the right blend of skill, patience and creativity.
In order to capture your newborn, Sheryl suggests booking their first photo shoot when they are under 14 days old – The earlier the better. There’s more chance of baby sleeping and at this stage, the ‘curled up’ look is adorable. Sheryl uses props and textures that complement your babys natural skin tones and natural light to create dimension and formulate a very contemporary and popular type of baby portrait.

As soon as you feel recovered from the birth, in routine, confident and able to travel, pick up the phone and book your little one’s complimentary first portrait session with Sheryl on 01291 680089 with the added bonus of £25 in gift certificates included as a ‘welcome baby’ gift from Sheryl & her team!


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