'Molly's Lighthouse'

Location: Gwent Wetlands RSPB reserve, Newport, August 2013
Part of the ‘Book Project’ by Sheryl Long, Photographer. Click here For more information on how to take part
All images copyright of the photographer.

Rain CAN be beautiful! At 4pm on a wet and blustery afternoon, I met up with Molly and her Mum at the wetlands centre. When Molly’s Mum said “ooh .. and there’s a lighthouse!” I practically jumped for joy!

Because of the rain and overcast clouds the light was very soft and beautiful. The rain had given a lushness to the grasses and flowers. We are loving the lighthouse and the signpost – giving a sea & land grounding to the image. Molly is a born model! So happy and bouyant – even in the drizzle!

This image has remained in colour to emphasize the soft blue/greys of the sky and the umbrella.

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