Finlay & Alana

This is Fin & Alana from last week at their after-school session. Both were completely entranced by Flash (the ‘real’ fairy who lives in the lantern and lights up for her fairy friends). It was nice to include a little boy in the fairy dell today! Fin loved fishing from the bridge.

Personally, I am in love with his little red elf like cheeks :) I always have a few pairs of cut off denim dungarees in my prop cupboard for just such an occasion.

His big sister Alana was in her element as a ‘fairy queen’ and decided early on in the experience that Fin was the ‘fairy prince’. Adorable!

This is the second time I have photographed these two, The last time being a few years ago for a studio portrait (which I noticed still has pride of place as their Mum’s phone wallpaper!). It’s so lovely to see them both again and for such a magical portrait experience this time too!

Fairies is certainly something unique to treasure. Where possible I try to shoot thoughtful and natural pictures as well as the more posed and smiley ones, giving you a choice of styles of images – Your children being ‘real’ fairies, connected with the dell and each other AND the ‘granny pleasing’ smiles and full open faces.

This is especially useful when choosing your images to take advantage of our Value Packages – It means you can package up something for everyone, an arty canvas for you and a smiley print for Grandparents etc.

Siblings that have their experience together in this way are photographed together and individually in a variety of poses during one session. We welcome up to 3 siblings in one session, further children can be added – please contact us to discuss in person.

Thank you for being fab models again Fin & Alana,

Sheryl (aka Mrs. Fairy!) x


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  1. Ione Haroun

    Thank you Sheryl, the photos are fabulous as always – the children had such a lovely experience and the story telling at the beginning of the session really helped them get into the spirit of things xx Love the results such a fabulous memory for the children to cherish xxx


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