Fairies Georgia & Lois

Georgia & Lois have been magically transformed into woodland fairies for a unique portrait that will bring them joy in the years to come. Beautiful light, realistic stage props and artistic vision combine to create a full sized fairy dell inside our modern studio. When the time is right, pixie dust swirls through our studio making it a fairy haven for babies and children up to 11 yrs …. making their dreams a reality!

Your child will believe they are a REAL fairy – we even use a special light inside of our fairy lamp that glows with each camera ‘click’ … if you look carefully you will see tiny wings inside the lamp – Georgia & Lois caught a real fairy!

All costumes and props are provided and are handmade by us to compliment the quality and ambiance of your child’s fairy portrait. The woodland fairy costume with its green and gold hues enhances the amazing, rich evening glow feel of the dell whilst your child becomes part of the fantasy surroundings of the dell’s foliage, toadstools and bridge with its babbling brook below …

Thank you to Georgia & Lois who were perfect little fairies for me last Saturday – I will need to buy a new box of tissues for the veiwing room won’t I girls? – Your Mummy was so overwhelmed by the pictures of you being fairies that there was not a dry eye in the house!

I just adore this image of the sisters looking adoring of each other – Such a good ‘connection’ between them and their little fairy adventure.
Sheryl x


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  1. Elaine Fowler

    Mum wasn’t the only one needing tissues, so did Mamma. What a wonderful experience for the girls and ourselves. Sheryl you had so much empathy with the girls and gave them a magical journey. Thank you


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