Baby Lilly

Here’s baby Lilly looking the perfect princess in the first of her three baby photo shoots to document her first year as part of our exclusive ‘Emma’s Diary’ offer to new parents. We are pleased to be the associated Emma’s Diary studio for our area and proud to provide a baby portrait experience that is completely different to normal ‘high street’ photography.

Photographing babies takes time, patience and resourcefulness. No two babies are alike in what they are able to ‘do’ and how they look. They are all very cute though! So I make it my aim to see what little ones are comfortable with and build their session around what the situation presents. This could be sleepy or wide awake, sitting up or laying down. I like to use props and backgrounds that suit baby’s natural skin tones and position some quirky items in the shots.

All in all I photograph about 5 or 6 babies a week and with that comes a need to keep everything fresh and current. I am always on the look out for new textures, colours and ideas to use in these shoots. Mums and dads are a big help to me during their little ones shoot as there is enevitably the odd bout of crying or a nappy that needs changing. The key is to take time for cuddles, feeds and provide a relaxed atmosphere in which babies (and parents!) are happy and comfortable during their stay – It really does show in the final images.

Sheryl x


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